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Online railway reservation facility is cool

I tried the online railway reservation facility from, overall It is a good experience and I would possibly use it on a regular basis.

The good things : You can get ur ticket done in just minimal extra charge (25 Rs/-) and stop bothering about going to a reservation counter and then standing in the long queue and sometimes getting to hear that the time is up (8 PM is the final time for ticket issue).

Here (i mean on the website) they give you two options, one is to get an online ticket which you can print and take for ur journey along with a photo proof for e.g Driving licence or passport etc. This is called e-ticket. The other option is i-ticket where the ticket is delivered to your address too. I only used the first one that too for the first time today, so no comments on the i-ticket. For e-ticket cancellation procedure is pretty straighforward and simple too.

The bad thing: The server was responding with bad errors for long time yesterday and today morning too. I dunno how much traffic has to be handled by these ppl that their server response can be so bad at times. Earlier the site also used to be very slow at times. These days the experience is far better. Hopefully they will find ways to support the huge population of India on there servers.


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The 2nd CVIT Party

The second CVIT party was organized yesterday (23 July). Thanks to the organizers we had loads of fun and masti and the time (overall 2:30 to 11:55 PM) was spent in an unforgettable way. We went to this place called Dhola-ri-Dhani. Numbers well around 80 (of course very large thinking it was just a lab party). The exact reason for this party is unknown to most but we do have lots of possible reasons and a combination of them could be considered the actual reason. Firstly its a welcome to new joiners of the lab, the honours student. Secondly may be a small farewell kinda for those who are leaving, and Finally the success of ACCV and of the good news from many conferences(in the sense of paper acceptance).

Photos might give a better idea of what was there in the party. These Photos represent a very high sampled set of overall Fun.

Getting Started…
This one is from CVIT gali (street)




In the Bus


Thanks to the Faculty for the great Party


On the entrance

And on those the Punjabi beats, how can we control ourselves

The pupet show (quite interesting)

Visesh Showing something invisible to us 🙂


After the Shollay Show (resting on charpai(s))

DJ before Dinner




Post Dinner Fun

(More photos are expected to be available tomorrow)

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FlickrExport (Linux) Update

Couple of bugs fixed(how come there were only so few of them ?).
The latest version from the SVN supports export of the digikam tags along with the extra tags given in the plugin window.
The “Annoying Popup” 😉 displaying username on each instantiation of the plugin is now removed. User name is displayed at the bottom of the window in a box called “User Details”, can be easily changed from there.

16 July 2006

Hope Digikam + Flickr lovers enjoy the plugin. ( I am not sure if any other application user find it interesting too.)

Very soon the photoset support would be in too!

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No I didn’t quit blogging (yet?)

Was not blogging for quite some time, earlier it was lack of any good ideas or stuff and later (for past 2 weeks or so) got busy with a paper submission.

Last few days have seen lots of activity in our lab, almost all ppl working most of the times. On one particular day during logging out, I was kinda surprized to see that our lab was open for three consecutive days without break.
Last 3 days have been a different experience as I reached new personal records of sleeping less and lesser. Was not intentional as it never has been but was needed to finish of the work and the sleep was lost in tension probably. Now, its time to relax for 1-2 days , watch some movies, attend some treates and catch up with new friends who arrived in Hyderabad or are coming soon.

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Movies: Notting Hill and Groundhog day

Watched those movies recently and felt I should recommend them to ppl. Thanks to those recommending them to me.
Notting hill is a wonderful movie and I guess it gonna be on my favourite list. It has comedy and Romance as the elements and what else would you like in a movie ? And the of course an important fact, the actress is Julia Roberts.

GroundHog day is also a good one. Comedy + Fantasy + Romance would be the nice description (as IMDB gave it).

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